Dr Anne Jensen

Dr Anne Jensen has a DPhil (PhD) in clinical research from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The focus of her research was on the accuracy and precision of muscle response testing (MRT), and her results represent a rigorous proof of concept, confirming the validity of MRT. Her background is in chiropractic, applied kinesiology, psychology, and sports performance, and she has many peer-reviewed publications in these fields. In addition, Dr Jensen is the developer of a mindbody healing technique called HeartSpeak, which she teaches worldwide. She is also a healer and maintains a private practice in North Queensland – and worldwide online– consulting in stress reduction and emotional wellbeing.

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Stress Reduction

Most of us experience significantly high stress levels, which can lead to illness and a lowered quality of life. Dr Jensen work with you to identify sources of stress – physical, chemical or mental/emotional.

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HeartSpeak for Emotional Wellbeing

Do your emotions hijack your life? Do you struggle to find balance with your feelings? Do your symptoms seem worse when you are stressed? Dr Jensen can guide you through taking the first steps in learning how to manage your emotions, so that you can live a life full of ease, peace and clarity.

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Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

One of the fastest growing natural therapies in the world, MRT can be used to gain information about clients and to guide the course of care. For a list of Dr Jensen’s MRT research studies, click HERE.

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Chiropractic is the science of locating problems in the spine, the art of reducing their impact to the nervous system, and a philosophy of natural health care based on your inborn potential to be healthy.

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Yoga is a mindbody practice that involves movement, mindfulness, and special breathing techniques to promote mental and physical well-being. Dr Jensen offers group and individual yoga classes, courses and workshops, and can cater to specific needs.

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Research Consulting

Do you have a great idea for a research study, but don’t know where to start? Dr Jensen has a DPhil (PhD) in Evidence-based Health Care from Oxford University, and many peer-reviewed papers in clinical research. She helps allied health professionals undertake their own research studies, from study design through to publication in peer-reviewed journals.

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For an appointment or more information:

Dr Anne M Jensen

PO Box 931
Mackay QLD 4740

+61 (0)7 5641 2202


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Client Testimonials

My entire life I was suppressing triggered emotions such as anger, shame, fear. Now I use this magical tool of HeartSpeak to acknowledge all these feelings, go through them and anchor the new pivot feelings of joy, peace, and happiness.
I was so sad after my husband passed away. The intensity of my sad feeling was 8 out of 10. After a HeartSpeak session, my symptoms were almost gone! I felt so calm, I loved the peaceful feeling.
As someone who has worked in a stressful job and sat at a computer for hours on end, I have carried a tremendous amount of tension in my neck and shoulders. In one HeartSpeak session with Dr. Anne, my neck muscles released along with a surge of emotions bringing me from an 8 to a 2 in minutes.
My whole adult life public speaking was brutal for me. My throat would tremble, my heart would beat so hard it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest and my speech would be rapid fire as a result of my physiology. Before the HeartSpeak session public speaking was a 10 in intensity after HeartSpeak public speaking became a 2. I tried everything and nothing else worked quite like HeartSpeak did. I’m so grateful!
I’m going through cancer treatment, came very close to losing my dear Mother last week and now today my beloved dog has had emergency surgery to save her life. The overwhelm was so intense, five minutes ago I felt like I’d been repeatedly smacked in the face. Just a few minutes clearing some of that feeling using HeartSpeak and I can already sense my mood lifting.
I started out with back & shoulder pain from a fall off a horse. It was nagging me for months. After my HeartSpeak session it completely disappeared and has not returned. SO thankful for Dr. Jensen and HeartSpeak!!
The work that you do is very powerful. The only way I can describe all of the issues that we have dealt with is that they mop up a huge chunk of it – like a big spring clean, and then there are smaller, more manageable chunks left behind which makes me feel more in control of managing myself.
Dr Anne has been working with me using HeartSpeak for several years – both in person and online. I had a traumatic injury at age 16, and HeartSpeak is enabling me to process my emotions and rid my body of the pain and stiffness caused by these trapped emotions. I’m SO glad for HeartSpeak!
For six months, I struggled with a particular topic creating every roadblock imaginable, wondering how I could possibly overcome each hurdle. After one HeartSpeak session with Dr. Anne, every problem seemed to just vanish.
I have been worked on many times with different energetic healing modalities and by many healers. Anne is an exceptional channel for healing and has worked on me with HeartSpeak both in person physically and over skype sessions.
I’ve asked him to revise it, and will send it to you once I’ve heard from him.
Olga Mangena
Anna So, U.K.
Naomi Nyuli
Mike Dannheim
Sarah Kallend
Wendy Perry, Canada
Katy, from Cornwall, United Kingdom
Dawn Kenny Geraldton Western Australia.
Karyn, Queensland, Australia
BJ (USA) www.heartcoreyoga.com
Greg (UK)
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Dr Jensen’s Publications

The accuracy and precision of kinesiology-style manual muscle

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DPhil Dissertation Abstracts – AJensen – Kinesiology-style manual muscle

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Research Exclusive: Giving Massage Decreases Anxiety

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