Dr Anne Jensen

Dr. Jensen is forward-thinking healer who has earned her DPhil (PhD) in Evidence-based Health Care from Oxford University. She is a clinical researcher and published author on emotional healing and stress reduction, and her clinical and research interests lie in the relationship between stress and emotions and health and behaviour.

At Oxford, the focus of her research was on the accuracy and precision of muscle response testing (MRT), and her results represent a rigorous proof of concept, confirming the validity of MRT.

Dr Jensen’s diverse background in physical health, applied kinesiology, psychology, yoga and sports performance has given her a delightful appreciation of the importance the relationship between mind and body.

Through her broadbackground, her empathic ability, her sense of curiosity and common sense, she developed HeartSpeak, a unique and empowering stress-reduction tool. Dr Jensen has taught HeartSpeak in more than 12 countries and in 5 languages, and its reach is growing yearly.

In addition to offering HeartSpeak seminars, events and courses, speaking at conferences and continuing her clinical research, Dr Jensen maintains a private practice consulting with people from around the world on mindbody wellness.

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