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Consultations by Dr Jensen can be organised by Telephone, Internet or in Person, more details below. Contact Dr Jensen and Feel Different Now !

Internet Consultation

Internet consultations make emotional healing and stress reduction techniques available to just about anyone, just about anywhere! And it’s growing rapidly in acceptance!

Dr. Jensen regularly consults with people from all around the globe, the session is done over Skype. Skype is free software that is installed on your computer, Skype allows you to talk and see the other person on your computer, both parties must have a camera, voice enabled, and have an internet connection.

The consultation is fun and effective, if you are not used to face-to-face conversation or consultation over the internet, and are a bit unsure of the effectiveness of an internet session, email Dr. Jensen for a FREE short demonstration session ! Try it and feel different now!

In Person Consultation

In-person consultations are available with Dr. Jensen in various locations around the world. To organize a consultation, or for more information email:

Telephone Consultation

For those without reliable internet, consultations may also be done via the telephone